Tuesday, April 11, 2017

"Broken Memories"

So last week I had the opportunity to interview a screenplay writer named Frankie Lauderdale.
She is 65 years-old and the first movie she has ever sold has recently been released in a few film festivals.

Her story tells the tale of an aging man with Alzheimer's and the effect it has had on his son who has become his caregiver.

Jasper has started to lose sight of reality and begins to wonder all around. When it becomes too much for his son, Levi, they hire Maggie to help out.

Upon meeting Maggie, Jasper mistakes her for his late wife Sylvie and thus begins an interesting love triangle of past and future struggles.

Speaking with Frankie was so interesting. She provided an insight into the world of film from an Oklahoman perspective.

Her film, "Broken Memories" has won some awards and has received extreme positive feedback.

Her story has taught me that it is never too late to succeed.

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