Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Peer Pressure

Tweets, Pins, photos, and blog posts change people’s perceptions. It can sway one’s own opinion into a certain direction.

However, how does changing opinions affect the film industry?

When one is contemplating a film to or its overall meaning, they often seek other perceptions.

For example, recently there has been buzz on numerous social media networks about the new Beauty and the Beast film.

According to actor Josh Gad, his character, has been portrayed as gay. There has been several opinions posted on this news. A majority of them are from people who are boycotting the film because of its modern adaptation of one of its characters.

Now people who may be contemplating their attendance of the film may feel it’s inappropriate. It would depend on the ratio of encouraging or. discouraging posts.

According to digital analyst, Brian Solis, seventy five percent of people are influenced by the positive social networking the research when choosing the films they watch.

So the overall effect this has on the film industry is engagement in films. Though a seemingly small issue it potentially could escalate if the influence of social media continues to increase.

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