Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Market

While there are negative aspects of the affects social media has on the film industry, there are also some benefits.
With the advancement in technology has come cellphones which act as both a camera and marketing tool.

According to social media strategist, Sam Milbrath, cell phones have been the death and life of filmmaking. Although it has made it easier for those to on a budget to make, produce and promote their own films it has also helped those with oodles of money and no set budget.
For cinematographers working in a massive studio social media serves as a cheap way to promote their film and receive pre production feed back. It enables them to spend their money and time more on the overall content rather than the small picture aspects.

Milbrath also said that the film industry can use social media to connect fans and build almost a community like situation.
Feedback on social media can be used in keeping an audience interested.
Small budget films also benefit from social media because if it is from an unheard studio with an unknown director and actors then they all can become known with social media.

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